Ever wondered why the keys on the keyboard are not arranged in alphabetical order so we can type more easily? Why did they have to complicate it such that to type fast you have to spend time to learn how to type? Why QWERTY instead of ABCDEF?

Well the answer is simple, the typewriters that existed in the early 19th centuries were slow and jam very easily with faster typing hence the keyboard was designed to make typing slower by making it less direct and in effect more difficult… This reduced the jamming from excessive speed of typing.

Morale: Sometimes things get complicated, slower and even painstakingly difficult in our lives for the greater good. We are like the antique typewriters of 1820s, rather than allow us to jam up and get broken God slows down certain things, and makes more complicated some direct routes so we can be intact at the end whilst learning how to type anyway albeit the hard way.

Short cuts in life could get you jammed up. Take it easy, a day at a time and don’t forget to practise your typing by asking Him for guidance through prayer. Remember the shorter route though faster may not necessarily be the best route, you could get jammed up, permanently damaged or take an even longer time to fix.

Like learning how to find the position of A and B on a QWERTY keyboard when you could do so even if you’re blind on an ABCDE keyboard, be patient in life, and eventually like those of us who have nevertheless mastered the QWERTY and can type at an appreciable speed YOUR TIME WILL COME! Shalom!

Yours truly,
James Mawuli Gawu.


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